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Help with buzz box

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I need some of you old pipeline welders to help me. I was a pipe welder and general welder in Kodiak in the mid 1970's. Many moons ago since I ran beads. Then we had Lincoln SA200's and a few of the then new Millers. Ran lots of 5P and 6010. Very little low hydrogen rod because everything was rusty!!
So -now I've got a little Century Buzz box. Sliding amperage control which is nice,and Hi and Lo range Voltage taps. Tried running some 6013 today to weld a trailer receptacle under my workbench so I can rig up all sorts of things to stick into it. Looked like dog turds and had no penetration. Should I be running 6011? I know nothing about AC rods and haven't run a bead in a long time but I figured it should be like riding a bike.

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Use the 6011 rod 1/8 dia should work fine. 7018 would also be a good choice but you may want to step down the dia and go with 3/32 for this machine and it sounds like an overhead weld so 3/32 would be eaiser to control.
I would stay away from the 6013 unless you want the "dog xxxx" look and little or no penetration

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Thanks to all of you! Flood waters have gone down and road cleared so I guess I'll head to town and get some 6011!!! I probably should have done a little "brushing up" and run a few beads too! Thirty years is long enough to forget how to ride a bike!!! thanks again, Eric

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