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Understanding Basic Hydraulics


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Recently a lot of interest has been generated in regards to hydraulics being used within the 'smithing realm. I recently came accross a John Deere hydraulic technician service manual and thought I would first share some of its info with you:

Safety Bulletin: Subject: Oil Injection Injuries
"Escaping fluid under pressure can pentrate the skin causing serious injury.
If ANY fluid is injected into the skin, it must be surgically removed within a few hours by a doctor familiar with this type of injury or gangrerne may result."

A small pinhole sized leak in a pressurized hydraulic hose can cut through any body part in a heartbeat. Hydraulic fluid is also highly flammable; before using, all dangers and safeguards must be properly addressed.

Hydraulics are a powerful tool that must be fully understood and respected. They have been used throughout manufacturing & industrial processes with unmatched and superior capabilities.

For those interested in hydraulic basics consider the following link as a good starting point:

Northern Hydraulics Inc. - We supply the finest hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and Honda equipment offered.

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