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As I've mentioned in other threads, most of my smithing is done at the local CBA affiliate in Vista, CA. Having just bought a new house in the San Diego Beach area, I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to get a coal forge situated in my limited outside space (inside my workshop is not an option for various reasons).

I have a Buffalo blower and a cast iron rivet forge with no fire pot. Once the remodel is complete, I had planned on getting those set up before building a bigger forge with something like a Centaur Forge firepot. Eventually, I wanted to buy an induction forge, but thought of it as a far-away extravagance.

However, I just looked at Grant's induction forge page, and saw that the 15kW induction forge is only about 2/3 the price I expected. I've been saving every month to buy myself one, and I now find myself significantly closer to purchase than I thought.

Assuming I have to buy most of the material new, I'd like to figure out how much I'm going to have to spend to set up a coal forge. I'm thinking that I might want to take the money I would be spending on a coal forge, and put it into an induction forge, and just have the rivet forge for when coal makes more sense than induction for now.

So my question is this: what materials are you using to make your table-style coal forges. I'm seeing a lot of 10 ga and 1.4" plate for the table. Is that pretty universal? What are your leg materials? I know the price of a firepot, but what are the other expenses I should be considering?

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I am just finighing the build on mine and i will be into it about $22.00 for 2 inch pipe and electrical parts to run the fan. I had $28.00 at the scrap steel yard for the brake drum, a piece of flat steel for the top and fan mount and some scrap to get started once its done.

I used an old metal palat frame that a riding lawn mower came in to build the frame, the fan is an eshaust fan from a gas furnace that came out of the junk pile at a local heating company for free ( you may have to take it out of the unit) and the wire was an old extension cord I had around.

I did use my brother in laws shop for the welder and cutting so you may have an expense there.

Good luck

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