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New member with anvil question?

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I'm new to this forum and like what I see. I need some help trying to ID this anvil.
A friend picked it up for me at an auction in NM. He thinks it is between 180 and 200#s and does not know the name of the maker. It appears to be in very good condition with
few chips or dings. The thing that I find unusual is the mounting holes for the base.
I don't remember ever seeing one quite like it. Thanks for your help!



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Mike, that is a Fisher anvil. It is a good workhorse. The history is that Fisher wanted to produce anvils in the US at prices that competed with the imports. He perfected a method of casting iron onto a tool steel plate (rather than forge-welding a plate to a wrought base). The result is that Fisher anvils perform very well, but do not ring. The giveaway in your case is the bolt holes. Look for an eagle emblem on the side. Unless it is a contract anvil (made to be sold under another name or to the government), it almost invariably had an eagle cast into the side. There will probably be other cast numbers somewhere.

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Look for a number on the foot, or sometimes at the waist. I beleive that they are cast in all of them, being cast iron the weights are accurate enough to be molded in and not stamped after weighing as on a peter wright. A 200 should have 20, basically multiply by ten. Many had a date too. Mine reads 1919.

I believe that the fishers were cast upside down onto a layer of molten tool steel, not a plate, and thats why they didn't need to be forge welded.

I love my 200 lb fisher. It one of two primary anvils in my shop.

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