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What's a good brand of hammer?


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I've been wanting a good Raising Hammer and a good Planishing Hammer for, well it seems like, forever. Is there a specific brand that has proved itself to be the "Best"?

I suspect that any recommendation will come with a depends on what it's being used for clause. To answer, generally speaking, I work with copper, brass, bronze, nickel silver, and my students in a public school setting. However, I use the hammers only on the metals. (I know, you saw that coming.)

I've become quickly frustrated while attempting to raise or planish a form with a hammer whose head will not remain fixed firmly to the handle. That little wiggle can make all the difference at times.

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P180: You can get some hammers from several places. I personally like doing business with Blacksmith Supply. Here are their selections in raising hammers:

Blacksmith Supply

If that link doesn't work, just go to:

Blacksmith Supply

and follow the hammer link on the left.

As far as being happy with the handle, that is not the hammer's fault. Eventually, you will have to shape and set your handle to suit you. The original handle on any hammer will almost always work loose after time, depending on your humidity changes and usage. Then when you ask here about putting a new handle in, you will get about 3,000 different replies on the best way to do that. :) I prefer to set mine in epoxy.

Also, raising hammers are not very hard to make. Nobody knows better than you what you want in these specialty hammers, so you are more likely to shape it for your needs than an off-the-shelf hammer. Buy one or two and work with them for awhile. Then you can see what you want different in making your own.

Good luck.

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