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homemade gas forge


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Hello All,
I just registered and am looking to become a blacksmith. I presently am making knives using the stock removal method. I am having so much fun, I would like to forge my own blades, harden and temper them myself. This brings me to the topic...homemade gas forges.
I am looking at building a gas forge using a Weber kettle grill. My plan is to line the bottom half of the kettle with fire brick and refractory cement, and the top half with 1" Kaowool or Duroblanket (8 lb) and coat it also with refractory cement. Of course, I am going to add a burner and blower to the top portion of the top half. I would then place the top on the grill ans seal it to the bottom portion.
Has anyone of you experienced Smiths done this, heard of this being done, and am I courting disaster here???:confused:
Would love to hear from you all!

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Here is a link to Ron Reil's website. Mr. Reil's Home Page
It will tell you a great deal about building a gas forge as well as constructing various types of burners for them. I have built two gas forges. The most recent was completed a couple weeks ago. I used a cylinder shape both times. The first was just rolled sheet metal about 15 inches long and 12 inches in diameter. The second was two 20 lb propane tanks with the ends cut off welded together. Both were lined with castable refactory over fire brick for a floor and Kowool for the lining. The advantage of a cylinder shape is that the kowool stays in place by itself, you don't have to put in hooks or something to hold it up. I used ITC 100 to coat the lining of the first forge and a thin slurry of castable refactory to coat the new one. Not sure how that is going to work, I haven't used it that much yet.

Hope this helps you.


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