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Good to be back in the fire!!

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***Disclaimer*** This setup was only a test of the pot and flu in my shed, I do not advise any sane person to build a forge with wood! I repeat this was only a test and a wood frame is NOT a good idea.

I just got my brand new 3/4" centaur coke pot the other day to use in my Old West Festival building but I just couldn't wait for the bricks and mortar to set so I built a five minute wood frame to hold the hearth. I use propane for my horseshoeing and had been messing around with the portable cavalry forge for other projects and not having a proper pot has been KILLING ME!

I must say going back to a fire pot is like night and day, the amount of heat/speed/control I forgot I could have is astounding. For the first fire I shaped a 1/2"x1" draft shoe and for contrast a 1/8" forge welded ring ;) I'm so happy to be working properly again! I know I could have setup a quick brake drum or 55forge but I gotta say the $300 for this 57lb pot was well worth it!

post-7113-0-71062300-1313946512_thumb.pn post-7113-0-08459100-1313946527_thumb.pn

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