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Selling my small anvil

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Hey there guys.

Got a brand new 25kg Glendale pattern anvil for sale. Never been forged on. I am selling it as I have acquired a new brooks anvil, which I prefer.

The anvil has a wide working face, 3/4 hardy socket and 3/8 pritchel hole. The working face is on the softer side at 50-55RC. This is the reason I prefer the brooks anvil, as their faces are on the hard side at 60-65RC.

It is not an amazing anvil; the casting is not the prettiest and I don't get on with the softer face but on the plus side it is brand new and has nice sharp edges and corners, and the face is fresh and flat. I think it would make a great anvil for a portable workshop setup as it is small, and it is still really useable as the face is really wide for such a small anvil. Also could be quite good for a beginner, as you would be less likely to spall up a softer anvil, and also I am selling it on the cheap.

New these anvils are 190 quid, but end up costing 260 when you factor in VAT and postage. I would like 100 pounds for it. I think that despite the downsides it has, this is a good deal considering it is new.

I would prefer anyone who buys it to collect it in person, but it is small enough to post. Bear in mind that postage will cost between 30 and 50 pounds depending on where it is sent.

If you are interested do sent me an email at mrc31@kent.ac.uk or call/text on 07733105528

(P.S. I apologize in advance if selling things on the forum is not allowed!post-2707-0-37045000-1312820497_thumb.jp)post-2707-0-89788000-1312820566_thumb.jp

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