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New from Kentucky :D


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I'm a new smith. I started around a month ago. I'm 15 years old and I'm using cheap stuff to prove that anyone can smith.

A ceramic charcoal grill with a blow dryer through a vent.

An old piece of railway steel. 7$

Homemade in my forge.
Wood is cut and split by me.

Went to Amish country bought 3 hammers, a poker, a hatchet, and a handle for 10$
Making tongs soon.
I use a random pair of leather gloves and sunglasses. I don't use an apron.. and I either smith barefoot or with flip-flops.

That's about it for me.. Any questions just ask. :)

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Better foot gear should be a top priority for you! It is quite easy to drop a piece of hot metal and even small chunks of scale can leave a nasty burn on bare feet! Even hammers sometimes slip loose. It is especially easy to drop metal when using makeshift tongs. Most teaching smiths will not allow bare feet or open toed shoes in their smithing classes... take heed!

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I've been burned quite a bit on my feet.. My first day with a fire going my dad threw a firecracker in and I stepped on the ash that flew out. I wasn't born with them so I'll be ok :P BUT when I get into big projects I will be using boots.. No need to get hurt for no reason :P

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Guest Moderator52

Welcome to IFI. Lots of people here with lots of good info. Lots of good safety info too. Heed it and you will enjoy your blacksmithing a lot. Enjoy your new hobby.

Mark <><

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