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Round, flattening anvil?

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Its nifty thats for sure few bucks a pound to the right person I would say.

I am changing my mind, I think that I might as well keep it, in addition to my 200 lb Peter Wright.

This one is very versatile and can be used for flattening relatively large things.

It is also great for exercise.

It cost me $0.00.
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What you have is probably a round sawmakers anvil. I do not think it is a FISHER, however, FISHER did make several style round sawmakers. I do not who else make this style, but I am sure there were other manufacturers that did.

Looks pretty clean to be old. From an enlargement of the working surface it looks unused. The edges are sharp. I could not detect any patina on the working surface through the enlargement.

Another reason that I am mildly skeptical that this is an anvil is that I have and use an 8" diameter x 7" long mill cut off of a large diameter round steel bar that I use. It lives on the floor and acts as a jump block. The working surface of mine still has the rather crude mill cut. It is not as pretty as the featured block/anvil ? Also, mine has a similar swelling at the base of the block.

Mind you, I am not saying that this is not a saw maker's anvil, because I am certainly no expert on the subject, however I am saying that there are similar objects out here that are definitely not anvils. Mine being one.

Either way it looks to me that that hunk of steel could be very useful around the shop. Good find.
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njanvilman, thanks for a long comment.

The shape suggests, to me, that this is not just a cutoff from a round bar -- it is a cast steel object cast with a purpose. The handle on it looks integral (not welded on), as cast, and so I think that this was purpose made to be exactly what it is.

It lived in a factory and saw relatively little use.

I really liked it, but I think that it does not add much to what I can do, considering that I have a 200 lb Peter Wright general purpose anvil.

I ended up selling it on Craigslist for $100.

I may get a rectangular anvil/steel bar too, about same weight.


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