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step pulleys

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I've been looking at step pulleys online, in connection with the belt grinder build I mentioned in another recent thread. All the step pulleys I'm finding are die cast zinc rated for fractional horsepower motors. I want to be able to run a 2 HP motor. Machined and balanced steel or cast iron is supposed to be far superior to cheap die cast zinc (and I believe it), but I haven't been able to find any machined and balanced step pulleys online, even at places that specialize in power transmission stuff. (Of course someone will come up with a link to prove me wrong, but I swear I've looked!)

Variable pitch pulleys would be an option, but they don't give as much adjustability as I'd like. So, two questions:

(1) Is this worth worrying about?

(2) Does anyone here know a source for machined and balanced step pulleys?

If need be, I can use higher quality single diameter pulleys and take a hit on speed adjustment. But I'd rather not.

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The following link has cast iron step pulleys up to 1.25 inch shaft size. You might talk with the manufacturer about how balanced they are (and the max RPM recommended).


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Hey Matt. Try this link. http://www.rittercnc...eys-370771-.htm
Google is our friend.:)

Geez! That takes me right back to Rob Frink (Beaumont Metal Works), which is embarrassing because I'm already planning to buy some parts from him! Dang. I knew somebody was going to make me feel dumb, but not this dumb.

Dave, thanks for that link. Those are a few dollars cheaper than the ones Rob is selling, and I'm pretty sure it's the same pulley.
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