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Just finished yesterday


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Hi folks. I've made about four knives of this particular style. Hopefully they have gotten better with each attempt. I know this one is much better than the first one I made, which I claimed for myself. This is the last of them. It is getting a little longer from here and she's getting bronze fittings. Anyway, here are some stats on the knife:

OAL: 12"
Blade Length: 6 7/8"
Blade width: 1 3/8" just before the belly
Blade thickness: ~ 3/16"
Weight: 8.5 oz
Forged from Circular saw blade steel. Heat treated then tempered at 425 Degrees F. Quenched in veg oil.
Handle: Hand carved Cocobolo treated with several coats of Tung Oil and two coats of Butcher's paste wax.
The fittings are mild steel. Peened through tang construction.

Now a few pics:



Oh, forgot to mention, she's for sale if you know of anyone who is interested.

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Thanks guys! I had camping and hiking in mind when I designed this knife.
CG That's because the first one was ugly! :lol: It was a major accomplishment for me as a knife maker though. If I can find the pics, I may post it within this thread as a comparison. Hopefully everyone will be able to see some growth from the first attempt till now.

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