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Ramp/Firepot Someting...

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While working on this 571 buffalo I found that the base of the box is far too rusted out and Ill need to add a new plate to beef up my burn zone.
My question is while Im doing this would it be worth adding a bit of a ramp to serve as a sort of firepot to hold in my coal while it cokes up. I have used the flat bed forges before and they were always a bit tedious compared to a forge with any type of pot, shallow or deep.
My basic idea is to weld together some angle to serve as this ramp/shallow pot formation, if I had the option I would simply cut out a large enough hole in the box and attach a firepot.. but the way the blower and tuyere connect I need it to be flat underneath.

Thoughts? worth the time/steel?


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howdy..just my thoughts, i looks fine if ya don't need a deep fire. i have a hoss shoe or rivit forge that is about 2" deep, what i did was, take a piece of 14" casing,it is standing up and cut out a 4" slot front and back and it ended up about 5-6" deep, this may be a option or a movable accessory that you may consider. mine is not solid mounted it is just sealed in with wood ash from the fire.but it sure helps contain the heat, hope this helps, jimmy

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I like the idea of it being removable, I needed it to be low profile in order to be able to pack the legs/blower/tuyere back into the forge box. If I can find the steel for it laying around I think Ill do something like you have but with an inverted cone shape with the cutouts, very handy indeed.

this, but bigger


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