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Forge welding problem

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I have made lots of tomahawks but I decided to make an axe so I made a Viking looking axe with a 7" wide blade. I used a wrap and weld method, I think that's what it is called, cold rolled steel wrapped around and a 1075 bit. On to the problem, I got the whole thing finished and started chopping and throwing it but there are a few places where the forge weld did not take right and the low carbon section of steel started to peel off of the bit. I wanted to know if I can salvage it and re-weld it or if I need to throw it in the "Mess-up" pile and start over.




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ive seen this quite a few times over the years and the answer is sometimes you can and sometimes you cant... clean out all the little wood bots try to get the area to welding temp without burning it and give it a go sometimes it takes sometimes not... most times if it gets stuff in the seam it wont ... i should mention i see this in the mas produced tommahawks all the time ... that or some dont even have steel in the edges so they bend or fold over...good luck!

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I've repaired quite a few of the mass produced hawks that had that very same problem. Most of the time the weld will take, if you clean it good, heat it, flux it and clean it some more. Then, after you have all of the wood particles burnt away, it will finally weld.:)

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