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So, how much do railroad spikes really cost?


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We all use railroad spikes to make various things. Most of us have a source for them, that is somewhat cheap. (READ: We walk the tracks and pick them up). :D

Well, I was perusing my favorite online auction site, and ran across this auction eBay: Railroad Spike (item 300063180979 end time Jan-01-07 22:20:53 PST) :o

Anyone interested in making something out of this one had better jump on it, as I think I may have to bid on it. ;)

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I wasn't serious Andy. I put those little smilies in there so people would see my sarcasm.

I think ApprenticeMan got the drift of my post. I would never bid on any auction where the seller: 1) Does not post a picture, 2) Has absolutely no feedback score, and 3) Has such a vague description.

I merely posted this to show how some sellers will stop at nothing to rip someone off. If someone bids or buys this auction, the way it's worded, the seller could send one lowly railroad spike to the buyer for that bid. ITS A SCAM, FOLKS!!

CAVEAT EMPTOR.........or something like that.

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