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I have watched several of Murray Carter's videos on You Tube and really enjoy them. I think his philosophy on sharpening technique in which he says skill trumps equipment is very good. He also forges a nice blade Japanese style. He keeps the blades thin so they will do their job which is to cut.
He has one video in which he fails a viewers's challenge to sharpen a knife so it will cut toilet paper by only pushing the blade (no sawing motion). He must be confident to admit failure. The knife used in the challenge could be used to shave so it was still impressive.
Just curious what others think of Murray. Has anyone bought his videos or knives?

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I also haven't seen any of Murray Carter's vids. What's his youtube name? Wouldn't mind checking them out.
I have however seen all of mrironman1979's vids and I find them really helpful. I also find the excessive swearing in some of the vids quite amusing...then again I do have the sense of humour of a 6 year old :P

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