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"Birdseye pattern"?

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Hello there!
Ive been bladesmithing for å little while now (about 3 years on and off, mostly off since im a student and my forge is on the other side of the country :P) I started forging knives as a selftaught class thingy in schoo and was lucky enough that my woodworking teacher was a educated bladesmith from Sweden.

Anyways, I made my own damascus after about 3 months of smithing and have been making as many laminated and damascus variations I could think of sins then, starting to turn out pretty good allmost every time now (brag :D)

but I was wondering; How does one make the "birdseye" pattern? Is it drilling half holes similar to ladder pattern or punching?

If someone has any other "toturial" of diferent patterns I would be much interrested in reading them too.

Thanks you for your time.

Jens from Norway.

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Start with a billet three times your final desired thickness. Drill holes about 1/3 the thickness of the billet on each side. then forge the billet down to your desired thickness and you should have a birdseye pattern.

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