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arm & hammer anvil

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Hey guys,

I just bought this arm and hammer, anvil. it weights about 80 lbs or so, (haven't got a scale) and was wondering if you could tell me if this weld is factory or a repair, also the face is almost like new,
was wondering if it had been replaced as well.
this thing rings like a bell and the rebound is good for the size.
just curious if you could tell me anything about it...



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No need to weigh it they are marked on the front foot,(unless it was made before 1930) pounds and a serial number, the serial numbers can date the anvil as they were sequential. Your anvil being arc welded would be made after 1940- See if you can find the serial number and someone can check Anvils in America for the date. Mr Postman refers to the Arm& Hammer as being, " Undoubtedly one of the finest wrought anvils ever manufactured anywhere."
Here are a couple of pictures of my Arm & Hammer 1913 it has the weight stamped on the waist- you can really see the seam in the body on this anvil, before arc welding was used

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