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Another steel question: "sucker rod"?

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Just acquired some steel "sucker rod" that had been laying around my Grandad's farm for ages. He thought it came from a well (possibly gas) but we don't know.

So... What exactly is "sucker rod" anyway? Anyone know what kind of steel it is? The stuff that I got is about 1.25" diameter, round. Has a square female receptacle on one end, about 5 inches deep. I'm assuming to attach to a motor or something? :?:

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The sucker rod I've seen has threaded male ends and they are joined with a separate threaded socket so you can make a continuous long connection inside a well but I'm sure there are different variations. One end is attached to the pump on the windmill and the other end is down-hole to the pump mechanism. All the old water and oil wells around here are done this way.

It is usually a plain, medium carbon steel and good for tools and such.

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-Sucker Rods that big are used for pumping deep oil wells, they connect the pump on the bottom of the long string with the pump jack on the surface and are some tough stuff.

click here for specifications from Norris. there are other companies also. Usually there is a code on one of the flats of the square on one end to tell you what it is for sure.


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