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I own a Rhino Anvil the Papa 242# one, and am very happy with it. The workmanship is top notch it rings very nicely and has a good flat top. It is a modern anvil. Using modern casting and machining techniques. My edges have held up fine and I eased them using the chart on the Avnilfire.com site as a guide. I could not be happier with my purchase. I've owned it alittle over a year now and don't need another anvil. Just my two kopecs.

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If you go to "Show me your anvil" thread and to my posting on 1 April there should be a link to a photo of my travelling anvil which is a baby sized Rhino. It is on an angle iron stand and has one of my RR hardies mounted.

I had 3 Rhinos at a time when I had a total of 5 good quality anvils in the shop. I gave away the mid sized one as I had 3 anvils all virtually the same size. That one was an excellent anvil. I kept the big one and the little one. Now I find I use those 2 Rhinos to the exclusion of my other ones. The very big one (abot 340 pounds) is great for almost everything. I also use the small one for any intricate jobs. Also being on a lower stand my smaller students tend to use the baby one. They are hard and the machining is true- certainly a lot straighter than any of my work requires! They are hard and very resistant to dings which is needed given that students are using them. I think that that may be due to them being made from alloy steel. I think the nickel, manganese or chromium or something makes them resistant to chipping. Anyway mine are still unchipped despite a couple of years of abuse!

The wide face is good and I particularly like the tapered heel. It is a sort of a compromise between a London pattern and a double bick. There is a step which I use quite a lot. Many more experienced smiths possibly don't need the step but I find it very useful.

There are plenty of new anvils on the market. I advise you to look around before buying. The main thing to do is to have a go with any specimens you can find. Also when people are telling you how good or bad a product is just ask how many of them they have actually used!

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