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Looking for work in the Portland Oregon area

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Hey all

The company I was working for as of yesterday announced last week that they were "slowing down a bit" due to higher fuel costs.
I noticed quite a bit less work to do for 2 guys, and the fellow I was working with had been an employee for about 20 years, Me with a 7 week old son and a 5 y/o daughter...wife on maternity leave....guess who gets let go?
I'm not looking for a sword-making apprenticeship, or some kind of unrealistic blacksmith position, So I figured I would simply throw this information out there:

I am a certified FCAW welder, but am also proficient with GMAW
I am also an *excellent* grinder and have been doing so every day for the last 6 months.
I would be THRILLED to work in a blacksmith shop at least until I get hired by a good company, if things work out of course other arrangement could be made.

I have absolutely no problem doing cleaning and grunt work, but in exchange I *need* to be taught some skills that might give me an edge over 'the other guys' and at the very least be given a bit of compensation for gas money....I simply need to stay busy during my down time and possibly be able to use you as a reference.

I don't expect this post will bear fruit, but I figured I'd give it a try

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I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. I'm glad to see that during your layoff period you are willing to do "grunt" work. Too many people just sit back and become dependant on the system. With your healthy attitude and work ethics I am sure that not only will you find work, it will find you.

God bless and congratulations on your newborn.


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