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nickel aluminum bronze


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I have 2" square in the shop and I have access to more at work. The sizes I can get are fairly large but I can forge down to what ever size you want, provided you don't need bar stock of very long length. You can contact me directly with what you need at: pnowak@scotforge.com


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Looking for 3/8" by 2-1/2" flat 240" am making fake strap hinges 29" a peice
also looking for a few feet of 1-1/4" square or 1-1/2" round
I am in Melrose,Mt

You might give Atlas Metals a call, They are in Colorado. They will supply the quantities your looking for... and ship it
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Sorry, alloy 464 is naval brass. Alloy 642 is the one you want. Atlas only sells alu bz in ingot form.......
Can't help with the strip, but I have some 1 3/4 sq forged from 2'' rd, it forges real easy.............mb

I think that I found a source here on Iforge. Thank you and everyone else who responded for the info.
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