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Sorce for IFB in Cincinnati

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Any one here from the Cincinnati/Dayton area? I'm looking to get a new brick for my 1 brick forge. I ruined the old one from moving it so much and I was making mokume gane so I can't try my hand at welding in it anymore even if I 'glue' it together. I can't find anyone locally who has them (it is driving me nuts, black powder was easier to find). And at $11 - $47 for shipping a local source would save some money. The only thing close is a pottery place that has the curved ones with groove for elements. I used them last time but it was not an ideal solution.
Heck is there anyone around that has an extra brick I could buy off of 'em?

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Guest DanielT

I am taking a blacksmithing class in Cinci and the teacher is looking at buying a whole pallet of bricks since it is cheaper for the amount he needs to build a new forge.
You can find his contact info at bluehellstudio.com and he might be able to sell you one once he gets them.

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I live in Northern Ky. just outside of Cinti. I have about 4 cases of soft firebrick and about 6 rolls of FibreFrax insulation and a few 50# boxes of rammable.
I assume you want something for the floor of your forge.If I need hard bricks I just use regular old hard firebricks from a local buiding supplier ( Tate Building Supply Erlanger Ky ).
I use rammable for the floor in my forges. If you think you might be interested in some rammable refratory I can get some to you.

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