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Help ID my New/Old Anvil Pleae

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Greetings! I've been a long time lurker here seeing how I couldn't really input anything as I gathered up some supplies to begin my journey in the art of Blacksmithing.
Today I picked up an Anvil (see photos below) from an older gentlemen. All he could tell me was that it's been in his family for generations and hat it weighed "around 225 pounds."
I know it's a little rough looking in the pictures but a figure a little scrubbing with an steel brush should clean it up somewhat.
I am looking for help in identifying this anvil. I looked around the anvil itself but due to poor lighting outside and the fact i cannot drag into the wrokshop alone, I grabbed a few pics in the hopes someone can ID this anvil for me.
For what it's worth, I paid $100 (Canadian) for this anvil. Was tha a fair price?
Thanks in advance for your help.
P,S, I LOVE this site!




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Thanks CurlyGeorge! Oh its at least 200 pounds for sure as my buddy and I struggled to haul it into the back of the Jeep. I'm 6ft2, 220 lbs, and my buddy is 6ft1, 300 pounds and we huffed and puffed to get in the back. lol
The old guy initially asked $150 for it but I haggled him down to $100.
What is the best way to clean this anvil up? I was going to sandblast it tomorrow but after going over a few threads, I figure I best not jump to that prospect until I hear from the more experienced folks here.
Thanks again!

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Thank you folks....a cup wire brush it shall be then. What really sucks right now is this anvil is sitting in the back of my Jeep and I'm itching to haul it out into te workshop to really get at it and see what beauty lies beneath the surface.
A few minutes ago i figured I'd haul it out and put it on my son's snowboard and drag it to the workshop. (Then I realized my son would freak if I ended up busting his board...lol) Turns out I had to use a hell of a lot of force just to lift the thing in the upright position. That's when i decided I won't attempt to move this monster by myself.
Now I need to buy a few hammers and tongs and I should be somewhat ready to go.
I'll post more pics once I get her cleaned up.
Again, thank you all very much for the input as i sincerely appreciate it.

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