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Thought I might throw this out there for those that are interested. I was just down to Big Blu to play around for a couple days and got to put the new 65 model power hammer thru the paces. Let me preface this by telling you that I own a 155 big blu. I am very pleased with the 155 and will probably add a second one sometime in the future. Anyways, the 65 is a nice machine and would be a good option for anyone interested in having a power hammer. It does not take up much room and uses very little air. It is well built and cycles very fast. I worked with it off and on for 2 days did not find anything that I wanted to do with it that I couldnt. It worked plenty of one inch stock with no problems. I didnt run anything heavier than one inch thru it . I used some spring swages with it as well as tong tooling. All in all I was impressed. I figured that having a 155 I would go use that 65 and feel like I was tapping the metal. Not so I was working the metal with that thing and at a good pace. So thats my two cents on what I had the experience of doing this past weekend and hope for those of you interested in learing more about big blu's equipment it helps you out. Feel free to ask any questions you would like I will try to anwer them for you. Or you can just call the guys at blu.

P.S. You can check out some or the work that blu has helped me do at www.burdettenetworks.com

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