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new knife

Joseph Tinsley

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Joseph I have to tell you that I am very impressed with your work. Thank you for sharing. I am not sure how much experience you have in knife making but wot impresses me the most is that you ae making wot seems to be a lot of knives. It slmost seems to me that some of the new makers on here want to by pass that shop work as if it does not help them along with skills needed. You have lots of skills and that comes from shop time. Keep it up.

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Thanks Rich. i have been doing blacksmithing (in a actual forge, not just a campfire and a air gun like i was doing. of course even the one i have now is very primative) for about a year off and on. nothing official or serious. the last few months though i have dabbled in blademaking and i fell in love with it. i try to get in as much time as i can between full time college and full time work. so the stuff i am posting has been stuff i did over a few months. however, i have made alot of blades that i never finished or are WIPs, or i have gave them away and diddent get pictures it makes me very proud to have somone express such an intrest in my work. especially with all of the great smiths out there. thank you, you made my day. lol that sounded cheesy -joe

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