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Natural gas forge

Fatboy Rider

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Hi all, Just wanted to share my new forge with you all. I wanted to make a gas forge but run it on natural gas. After allot of reading and searching most of the "best and most consistent" info was found here.

The fuel is "house" natural gas at about 10 - 11 inches of water, a little over a 1/4 pound of pressure through a 3/8 inch nipple. The blower a 150cfm hvac blower found on EBAY, the jet a 1 inch black pipe nipple. 2 inches of fire blanket with a fire brick shelf covered with ITC 100. finish it off. the chamber is 9 x4.5x6 with a rear pass threw door.

worked it this weekend and enjoyed the fast heat and recovery.


My wife enjoyed the lack of charcoal mess.
I don't know if it will achieve welding heat, I suspect it will but I haven't master the forge weld as yet.

Thanks all for info shared on this site


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