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my newest knife


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Here is some pictures of my most current knife. It is a fixed blade with red oak handle. The blade is made of mower blade (oregon brand). I annealed the blade, then flattened it out, roughed shaped it with a small hammer. I did not get all of the scale off (lazy)and ended up with a few deep pits. Just adds character I think.
Anyway, I finished shaping the blade with the grinder, file and sand paper then dry fit the handle. I used temporary bolts to hold the handle in place.
Now I have to harden,temper and polish the blade then assemble. I think it's gonna look good, but by all means do critique it for me.






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finished the knife, just need to mark it. Forgot to do that when it was soft. It looks nice and I learned some good stuff on this one. don't buy cheap sand paper, ntice the scratches still on the blade. Luckily I got 90% out when polished it. Will try to get some pictures of it finished.










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Soak in acid to remove scale. A overnight soak in regular strength vinegar will loosen most of it, then you can scrub it off with a wire brush or coarse sandpaper. Stronger acids will work faster, if you want to hassle with them.

Good info. Will phosphoric or sulfuric acid work? What about Hydrocloric acid? or will any acid work?? what about citric acid??
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