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quenching copper

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When I do fold forming in copper, I have noticed that the speed I put it in the water changes the finish. However, I think it mostly has to do with how much of the residue washes away from the copper and how much sticks. At least for thin sheet fold forming, it cools so quickly the only real difference I would expect is one would be oily afterwards!

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I haven't "quenched" copper in oil but I have rubbed some linseed oil on it and heated it to form a darker color. There is a big difference between "quench" and "patina". There are many ways to obtain patinas, some of them use heat and others use chemicals. I think oil would fall in to the chemical category. Quench is used to change the internal structure of the metal not to impart color to the metal, that is merely a byproduct of the process. :blink:

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