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I Was Almost Lucky

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A friends son saw me today and asked me if I wanted a can of his dad's old drill bits, he told me they won't start to drill steel and won't drill wood unless you push your guts out, he didn't know why his dad kept them around. Sure I'll take em.

Sure I'll take em.

I looked at them a bit later, oops, so I called his dad and asked him if he wanted his left hand drill bits back.

Well, I was honest.

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I keep a few left hand bits but only 3 if I recall. They are used to remove threaded things that have broken off. Once they bite( using a variable speed drill ) they will walk a screw ( bolt ) out nicely. Common manufacture item and available locally at the farm store. If you keep a hand chuck, you can remove # 10 screws handily most of the time. Sometimes this leads to lot of frustration but is the best way I know of to remove broken threaded items. Welding a bolt onto broken fastner is of course also another way as well. Just depends on the application. Both pretty slick. Junior, you should be commended for your honesty.

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