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Mt new blasting cabinet

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I spent some time the last week or two making a new blasting cabinet. I had made a wooden one 2 years ago that was ok but the splinters would clog the gun and there was several flaws in my first design.I have included a picture of the old cabinet in the pics attached below.
I was given two 4' x 8' sheets of 1/4" steel so I figuerd since it was pretty rusty on one side it was a good time to make a new cabinet with the improvements I had been wanting. Here are some pictures of the finished cabinet except for a little more paint and a new foot switch
I have about $47 in it. The two channels running down the front inside of the cabinet are the vents for fresh air. The dust collector(shop vac) pulls from the top of the cabinet about 2" off the back. Those are 3 100 watt floodlights in the top also. I have used it quite a bit this week and it works great.
Just thought I would share.









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From what I looked at on the net to get (steal) ideas with the foot control and all better than $1000. I couldn't go that route for something I could buld myself.

We are currently scrapping out some old equipment at work. one of the dies was sitting on the 2 sheets of 1/4" hence the bad rust scale on one side.


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