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Good morning Mike and welcome to the form. Do you have pictures of your spurs and will you share? Also, is Jim Poor's video available?
Again Welcome. -grant

I have some pics of some spurs I've made. I did the straps as well. I also braid and work rawhide. I've built a number of more spurs, I like the forging freedom of any kind of shank I can manage with a hammer/forge. The ones in the pics are before I started running a bead in the heel band seam. I was also forging out the shank and not grinding out the sslot in the shank. I am now, it's just too easy and quick not to. It also makes it cleaner. Someone else posted using a cutting/grinding blade to cut the rasp. I will be incorporating that as well, I won't need my hot cutter for it any more. The Jim Poor video was given to me for piping (yes, I play the bagpipes, take a look at my icon, I'm also in the Army) at the Edward Martin Perpetual draft horse shoeing competition in Grass Valley, CA. Regarding availability, I can't find anything on the net for that DVD.



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