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I Forge Iron

Hey all.


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Title says it all.

I registered here to pick up tips and tricks, look for answers to my questions as I come up with them, et cetera, soforth.

I've already got a small shop setup in my barn (propane forge, stump anvil, bench vise, etc), and as I expand and grow in skill (and hopefully wisdom) I'll be sure to post and show you helpful folks my creations, as well as ask you for advice.

I'm interested in hunting and fishing- indeed, the first few things I've made on my anvil were skinning knives for friends and family. See attached image for one of my more recent attempts- ignore the Gorilla Glue residue showing from underneath the wrapping at the end.

Lastly, you folks here on this board inspired me to pick up the hammer and make things- this is probably one of the most cathartic things I've ever taken up as a hobby, and I might even turn it into a profession. I can't express my thanks enough for prodding me to get up off my butt and forge my ideas into reality.



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