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I had some time in the forge today and made two handled tools. A hot cut which i have always wanted. Just seems nice to be able to hold a handle and get my hand away from the heat when i am doing some creasing or punching. I forge both tools, the chisel is made from one inch 4140 that Brian Brazeal gave me, the puch is a tool i found at an old country store that was some sort of tool i didn't recognize so i reforged it into a punch.
My question is about heat treating. I know there are varying opinions, but i was wondering if any of you guys do anything different with handled tools versus a regular punch or chisel? I treated both tools by forging to shape, grinding close to finish for the business and striking ends, heat the business ends to a bright orange, quenching in oil while making sure to move the tool up and down to keep from creating a line of hardness. I let them cool, heated up my drift to orange, stuck it in the hardy and dropped each tool on it till i saw straw colors starting to form.

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