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How I got photos to post in the gallery

Sam Falzone

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Sam, no need to appologize. Just share. How the H--- did you do it??? :blink:

Thanks for all the compliments everyone.

Ward and George;
Here's how I think I did it ...

1. Click on the Gallery tab in the blue bar at the top of the IFI main page
2. On the Gallery page, click on Member Galleries in the Category column
3. On the Member Galleries page, click on the blue New Image button (middle of three blue buttons, top right hand quadrant)
4. This will take you to the Submit Image page. There is a window for the image caption, there is a description window, scroll down and you will find the Browse button where you can find and upload your image from your computer files, and then below that is the blue Submit Image button.
-browse and choose your image, give it a caption and / or description, click submit and it will automatically file your image in your gallery page which is also accessible (and viewable) from the main gallery page. (at least it did for me)
-it seems you can only upload images one at a time, so if you have multiple images to upload (like I did today), you have to start from the beginning for each image.
-you can view your personal gallery page from your profile page - look for the Gallery button in the menu bar above the "Recent Status Update" window

It took me a while to figure it out ... I hope it works for you.

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The block looks about 4" square, is it set into the stump? Is that a cutting plate off to the side? The bick I can work out :)

The block is 5"x5"x5" mild steel with a 1"x1"x3" square post welded to the bottom.
The post is sunk into the stump and a shallow recess for the block is also carved out.

Yes, that's a mild steel cutting plate.
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