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Making a solar or motion light

Christopher Rice

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If you`re at all electrically adept you can pick up one or more of the triggering devices and place them where you need coverage.These can be wired to turn on anything from spotlights to alarms as you see fit.

The one I have working at the corner of the house/driveway covers the door to the basement shop and was programed to turn on the lights for 5 minutes at sundown to let you know it`s working and the bulbs are good and it can be adjusted for sensitivity so that rain and wind blown branches don`t set it off.
I wired another double spot over the steps so when you come into the drive the spotlights illuminate both the drive from 2 directions and the steps to the front door.It is adjusted to remain on for 10 minutes or till you throw the switch inside to either keep it on or turn them all completely off.
Hope this was some help.

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The motion detector units, also called "P.I.R. Detectors," are available separately. They include instructions for hooking up. This is very similar to wiring up a switch.

If you have any doubt whether you can connect these safely, please consult a liscensed electrician. Depending on your local rules, you might need to get the installation inspected, too - or pull a permit ahead of time.

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