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Ric Furrer

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Hello All,
I'm doing some larger work now and could use a crane. I could just move the piece with the overhead gantry I have, but I saw some with chain and springs in photos and would like to try that for the long term.
Anyone have plans for such?
Basically I'd like to leave the part in the crane during forging rather than just use it as a transport to/from the hammer.


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Lillico "Blacksmith Manual Illustrated" on google books, Plate 32 is a simple crane arrangement. You may not want to copy it exactly, but it's always good to have something to check your ideas against. ;)


The one shop I worked in with a crane for handling forgings used a differential chain-fall on the crane instead of Lillico's turnbuckle. Overhead door track works well if your work is within its capacity; it's much lighter to lift overhead and you can get nice ball bearing trolleys.

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