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I Forge Iron

A day at the forge

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I spent most of Saturday at the forge, I made three crosses, two were iron one was copper. One of the iron crosses I applied aluminum fillings to using a technique that I learned from Alfered Habermann, although he used copper and brass. You get the piece hot then apply borax, reheat then sprinkle the filings on and cook it some more. The crosses are 3/4 x 3/16 material 6 inches long for the vertical and 4 inches long horizontal. I also forged a bbq fork per an example of Brian Brazeal, probably my best fork yet it is not easy to get a nice even fork without burning it up or hammering too cold and having it split on you

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Looking good Clinton. Whats the purpose of the aluminum filings? Just to add some color?

I added the fillings to give it a different look, it was something that I have been wanting to try and I was not sure how it would turn out, but I think it is kind of cool looking. When I saw Alfered Habermann do it he upset the edges of the material and let the brass and copper melt down and it would flow in puddles, he spread it about with a fire rake. George Dujunski has that piece at his shop a butterfly with about 3 foot wing span
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