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anvil buying overseas...

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Hi all,

I unfortunately had to just move my shop and put most of it in storage this past week. what an absolutely horrible ordeal-moving, and being a little depressed about having no shop for a few months.

On the plus side, now that there is no shop rent to pay, I'll have some spare spending cash and my eyes are looking toward Europe and the vast collection of anvils over there. Why Europe you ask? Well I have narrowed in my anvil search and am looking for something a bit more rare (at least in the states) that your average dime a dozen London pattern anvil. I've got my eyes on several Northern German styled anvils, one southern one, a few French ones, and several German/Austrian hybrids. They are pretty plentiful on the other side of the pond, so that's where I have to look.

So, I'm looking on the Ebay world over there, and find lots of stuff I'm interested in. For those of you who have done this, would you care to share your experiences? I'm going to buy a few mall stakes and hammers first, just to get the hang of it, but I really would like to have several anvils shipped over here. Any insights would help me immensely.

My thought is:
1.find anvil and win it on ebay
2.talk to a contact I've made in that country to arrange pickup.
3.have them ship it over or shipped to a friend stationed over there and possibly get cheaper shipping...?

the language barrier is a bit of a dead end for me, but I have a friend fluent in French and German, so it's not all bad.



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