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Attach brass wire to steel


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I'm working on a ladle handle made from two 1/4" square rods that are tack welded at the top and bottom (see photo).

I want to wrap brass wire around the two areas that are tack welded. How would you fellas suggest I accomplish that task?

As you can see in the photo, just wrapping it (I tried with a short piece of wire) isn't working well. So far I have considered first drilling a hole halfway through the handle and soldering/brazing the end of the wire in the hole, then wrapping and doing the same with the other end. However, I know little about soldering and nothing about brazing. If that is a good method, what do I need? Silver solder and a propane torch?


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My suggestion would be to anneal the wire first and then drill thu holes where you want the wrap to start and end then poke poke one end of the wire thru the start hole and peen it over like a rivet.Start the wrap and use a rawhide or rubber mallet to form the wire tight to the handle once you have the wrap all the way to the stop hole bend it and push it thru that hole,trim and peen like you did the start end.
No soldering or brazing needed.

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