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New kid in MD

Joe F

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Hello IFI, I'm Joe and I'm totally green and ready to get started. I've had an interest in blacksmithing but always thought it was more difficult to start. I had envisioned that someone needed an entire shop to do anything.

After talking to a couple smiths at the local Renn Faire I was enlightened that that simply isn't the case. I reside in Harford Co. Maryland. Fortunately the history of the area and being just outside horse country, coal is readily available.

I Intend to build a solid fuel forge in the near future and will have pics asap. I've been lurking the forums learning as much as I can. Lots of great info on here along with some very helpful people. Everyone I've had the pleasure of conversing with in the chat has been helpful and patient with all of my noob questions.

Thanks again.

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Make sure you join BGCM, blacksmiths guild of central maryland. Bgcmonlinne.org
They are a great group, and offer some good classes at the school in Howard county.
I am hosting a hammer in at my shop on October 23rd, with the guild. There is no cost to come, just bring a small tool or forged item to donate to the iron in the hat raffle. Visit my web site at harrismetalsmith.com.
Shop address is 1760 Principio Furnace Rd. Perryville, Md 21903. Cecil co.
Good luck with your new hobby.

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