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fork lift blades

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ok guys, just got a set of used forklift blades for free from my work ,
was wondering if i should use 'em for trade or for material to make an anvil stake out of...
if i do make an anvil stake, how should i go about mounting one on end,
i have a concrete floor in my shop so it would be hard for me to stick it in the ground LOL, any suggestions would be great , thanks

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I don't remember what alloy forklift forks are, but it was something like 4140. I've known folks that have made powerhammer dies out of them.

With regard to making an anvilstake, I guess you have two mounting options:

Traditional - make the vertical shank with a collar on it so that it goes into a stump that sits on the floor.

Non-traditional - Make the shank long enough so that you can weld it to a heavy steel plate and bolt it to the floor.

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