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Cotton Festival near Memphis

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There will be the Fayette County Cotton Festival held on the town square in Somerville, TN on 11 Sept. I will have my portable rig set up and doing demos/ making stuff. Anyone who is interested in smashing some iron and has not had the opportunity or the equipment to do so is welcome in my tent. If you plan on coming just send a PM and let me know ahead of time. I'll be forging an art deco firescreen as a project.I've done this festival before and it is pretty fun and the people are really curious about working metal. Terribly sorry for such late notice but I've been under the gun to finish several projects and have not been at my computer.
Thank you, Big John

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Sorry I missed it as I just now saw your post, just like me a day late and a dollar short.
I'll be at Haritage Days in Covington, Tn on Sept. 25th just right next door. It will be my first shot at setting up and trying to sell a few things so we'll see how it goes. Come on out if you like I'll be set up in the parking lot of the Historic Ruffin Theater on he square. That goes for anyone else who might be in the area more then welcome to come visit.

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