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More bottom tools


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I forged some more bottom tools yesterday, a large fuller, a smaller 1 1/2 inch radius fuller and an anvil block with the 1 1/2 radius the block will be cut in two. The material is 4140 1 3/4 inch round for the large fuller, 1 5/8 for the small one and 1 inch for the block
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Thanks Mark- the large tool is around 2 3/4 inch radius. I plan on making handled top tools when I get someone to strike or when I get my treadle hammer built. I have a powerhammer but the stroke on it is not long enough to allow for tooling to be used, I tried using a wire handled slitter that is only about 2 inches long and the hammer will not cycle with that much material in it.

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Yes the block is going to be cut in two for the camel humps, it looks like you were paying close atention to what Brian is doing and saying. I have a set of shop drawings for the old style treadle hammer and I have material to build it, now it is just a time issue- too many projects not enough time

Good luck on the treadle hammer, it's tough forging the bigger stuff without someone to swing a sledge. Is the long 1" block going to be cut and used as camel humps for drifting?

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