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peter wright question

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I recently "scored" a bladesmith's anvil on ebay (UK ebay). In wire brushing it it was revealed that it is a peter wright, weight; 2 1 2 (250 something lbs). Needless to say I was quite pleased. It was £72.
Anyway my question is this; does anyone know how thick the steel is on peter wright anvils? On mine it appears to be about 10mm at the corners and about half that along the edges. This seems awfully thin to me, or is it that the wrought iron was somehow folded up over the steel at the edges?? Does anyone know?

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Yes, it was a pretty ok price, though in all truth it is hornless, which is a big minus no matter what you are doing.

Grant- my question was not an "oh help" question. I am actually curious if anyone knows whether there was a standard face thickness or whether they were just dressed as best the forging allowed. And no, I can't always get another if iit fails. The same way my hen can't get new teeth if hers fail, if you get my meaning.

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Sounds like a nice anvil, unless the face is one giant mass of pits and dings, what's there to worry about,just use it! It has a good amount of mass for some heavy forging so have a great time beating the day lights out of some hot iron. It's still got a goodly amount of useful work life left in it, go to it. :P

It has excellent rebound, but is quite dull sounding, which actually suits me fine.
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