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I Forge Iron

a few for the cooks

Dave Budd

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I haven't shown any of my work here recently and i figured that since I'm off to River Cottage* this afternoon (one of a couple of shows there where I demonstrate), it was only fitting that I show some kitchen cutlery I've been working on ;)

* for those who haven't heard of it, River Cottage is the organic restaurant/farm of the UK TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. A slightly eccentric British middle class hippy, but jolly nice bloke!

As an idea of scale, the large clever has an 8 1/2" blade on it. The clevers are 5mm thick CS80CrV2 and the knives are 2mm O1. I don't normally forge O1 but I found a pile of old steel rusting away in a corner from years back (before I learnt to forge and i was still grinding blades habitually) The biggest (and ugliest?) knife was a pleasing shape akin to the Ironwood one in the picture, but as I sharpened it I found a crack at the edge and so I had to chop a couple of inches off :( that'll teach me to try straightening blades with a hammer straight from quench :rolleyes:


Let's hope I come back with money instead of the knives :D

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