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"ces usa " anvil?

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im setting up my first shop and have a loaner anvil. the only markings it caries are ces usa , and the number 2. its about 80 lb (bathroom scale), and has an very narrow waist 3.5 inches, i think it is designed for the farrier. i am wondering if it it cast steal or cast iron. it does have a very high frequency ring, but im suspicious that this is a result of its shape.
the anvil is new, and i hope to return it in like new condition, i could not find any info on this company anywhere online .... although its probably out there
thanks Job

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I don't recognize any of that lettering but in general farrier type anvils do have a narrower waist and also are thin at the heel. They are almost always steel anvils. They need the thin heels to work the edges of the shoes and use relatively small anvils (for portability) and they sometimes hit pretty hard on them so the steel ones are better for them. They do tend to ring more partly because of their narrow waists and thin heels but also because they are usually pretty hard steel. As a group they tend to be tough anvils that will serve for years in hard use. Even so IME beginners can put more wear on an anvil in their first afternoon than a skilled smith will in several years of work.

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