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I Forge Iron

I was told to post...


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or quit lurking about! LOL!

I've been up to my gills here lately with a WSP who is making great demands on my time. For those who aren't in the know, a WSP is a 'woman shaped person'. I've gotten the rings bought, but haven't had the perfect chance to spring them upon her. Crikey what am I thinking!!!?! I get angina every once in a while when it crosses my mind. At least every twenty minutes or so! Suffice it to say that I have had my mind in yonder pastures. ACH!

She is so totally cool with the idea of expanding the blacksmithing and post industrial iron working into a business that I think I've been hit in the head with a brick. LOL Love, however it may manifest itself in ones life ought to be as cool as it's been in mine. I just wish there were more time allowed for it. ;-/

There now, I've made my post!

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LOL - The is definitley the perfect book to get advice on women. We have been married 31 years and I still need to get pointers every once and a while.
One think I have learned is to keep my mouth shut for fear of stirring up a hornets nest. I am defin9itely NOT complaining. She has certainly put up with a lot from me, including this blacksmithing thing with no complints.

Goos luck and all the best


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my advice:
make one steel rose or other flower a month (make multiple if a particular month contains an anniversary, birthday ,or valentine's day). Keeps her somewhat happy, and makes the house look a bit prettier. (Caution: logical thinking proccess on her part may dictate the need to create the occasional chandelier, candle holder, curtain rod, or other such object!! ;))

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