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158 lb Swedish Cast Anvil

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Howdy, I was talking story with a co worker today about pounding metal and he mentioned he had a big heavy anvil he wanted to get rid of as it was too big. I had a 110lb cast steel Russian pattern anvil I was looking to get rid of, so we traded. We were both happy with the deal; the anvil he had turned out a bit smaller than he described however. It is a cast steel anvil stamped Made In Sweden, pretty old looking, and it has a 5 point star logo above the Made In Sweden stamp. It weighs 157.5 lbs on my scale and has a good ring, though the edges are pretty heavily spalled and it has been generally dinged up. It is still pretty usable, has nice rebound, and i cleaned it up a bit already. Sorry no photo available. This anvil will be a good companion for my JHM Journeyman 120. Anybody know what brand used the 5 pointed star logo? Thanks, Steve

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Thanks for the info; I spent the better part of yesterday at my mentor's shop rebuilding the edges with Stoody hardfacing wire.I just need to make a stand for it and will give it a test drive then. There seemed to be a lot of voids in the casting which must have contributed to the spalling on the face.

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I have a 280 lb. North Star and I love it. I also have a 130 lb. Hay Budden. I like the North Star better and to me it performs better, more mass. Also, Postman says that he knows of only two North Star Anvils, looks like we have some rare anvils there buddy. I live on Maui. This anvil came from my sons great, great grandfather. So he would have been born in the late 1800's but I hear the only reference to these anvils in a sale brochure was back to 1930. Who knows how old they are, but they are great anvils.

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