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MICA material

iron man

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Actually Mica is a naturally occouring mineral. I think it mostly comes from south africa. it's used a lot in electronics, though I can't remember why. In lighting it's very heat resistant. You might look here USGS Minerals Information: Mica to see what it is. and search with names like "muscovite" and "phlogopite" to find a source on the web for it.
first we find this Muscovite
which leads us to search again and we find Mica Lamp Company, Turn of the century American lighting design and craftsmanship

which finally leads us to a supplier
Asheville-Schoonmaker Mica Co. - Mica and Mica products

If you want to you can use this page to find more mica plate - Yahoo! Search Results

Good luck with the project and let us see the final pictures. I know they can be extremely beautiful.

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